Taking Your Social Media Marketing Campaignss To New Heights


Over the short period of time it has been around, social media marketing has earned its place as the cheapest form of digital marketing we have today. However, it is saddening that businesses still don’t do their market research and do not know how to leverage this form of marketing to tap into the ever growing market of internet users.

In this article written by UK marketing pro Graeme Winchester we shall see some of the strategies you could employ to ensure your social media marketing campaigns succeed within the least expense of time, money and effort.

Keep Your Content Consistent And Viral

When it comes to content creation on your social media pages, consistency is key. Updating your site with content as frequently as possible will leave your readers constantly engaged and always wanting to find out more on your offers.

Of course, the content has to be engaging enough to get the visitor with the poorest attention span to want to read to the end. Invest in sites like BuzzFeed so as to learn more on how to create consistent, viral content.

Invest In Rich Content

It doesn’t matter how regular you post content on your social media campaigns; if the content is not rich enough to warrant substantial user interaction, then consider it as good as dead.

Joy Scarmand runs the marketing for this botox Cheshire clinic and this column radiators store notes “Users want content that they can interact with at a personal level. Adding images was, for a long time, considered a great way to improve user interaction but when video content emerged, the level of interaction was taken a notch higher.”

Craig Budgen runs a personal trainer manchester business and is a big producer of content and he recommends “Videos enable your users to actually click and view, and perhaps leave their comments or remarks. This way, you have an honest and reliable feedback channel that you can use to gauge the success of your marketing campaigns.”

Think Mobile-friendly Content

It is estimated that over 70% of all online users spend their time online with their mobile gadgets. Therefore, it is only natural that you skew your content to these users.

Tyler Sanderson of Mywish UK notes “There are very many ways of adapting your content for mobile consumption and one way is to decrease the number of navigation channels so your users can use the limited mobile navigation features to access whatever they want to watch, download or interact with in any other way. Hiring a web designer here would go a long way in helping you make your content more mobile-friendly.”

Invest In Links

Last but not least, investing in clickable links is a great way to spearhead your social media marketing campaigns. Links can be used to achieve so many purposes but the most important one is that they lead you visitor to an actual page where they would possibly find the actual details of the product they are looking for.

You may also insert links leading to a page where users would post their reviews. Either way, the mere act of clicking on these links shows that the reader invested a substantial amount of time on your site and that alone is inspirational enough.